Sony Mobile Redefines Smartphone Technology with Brand New Intelligent XperiaTM X and XA

Xperia X - Design A

The X Series offers a range of choice and technologies for consumers wanting everything from the world’s best autofocus on a moving object and world’s most stable video capture (Xperia X) to the world’s narrowest 5-inch smartphone with stunning design and low-light selfie camera (Xperia XA). The two smartphones deliver superior features with a fresh new look, improved camera technology, smart battery management, and stylish design with the perfect fit-in-hand form for seamless use.

Xperia X - Design C

 Xperia X delivers the world’s best autofocus on a moving object with Predictive Hybrid Focus and features the world’s most stable video capture

Xperia X is Sony’s new dual sim, ‘can’t live without’ intelligent smartphone. It features the world’s best autofocus on a moving object1 with Sony’s unique camera technology, Predictive Hybrid Autofocus. This feature tracks an object then cleverly predicts its movement to give you clear and blur-free shots. The 23MP rear camera also features SteadyShot™ video stabilization for recording smooth videos and minimizing “shaky cam” effects, giving Xperia X the world’s most stable video capture. Xperia X is equipped with intuitive camera features such as Quick Startup – the super-fast quick launch from standby at the touch of a button to capture the perfect shot on-demand in less than 0.6 seconds. Xperia X also comes with an improved 13MP front camera with ISO 6400.

Xperia X is crafted with a seamless metal back and curved glass edges of its 5-inch display, making it fit beautifully in the curvature of the hand. The comfortable fit and usability is exemplified by the integration of the fingerprint sensor on the power button which intuitively provides access in an instant.

Xperia X incorporates Sony’s smart battery management to deliver up to two days of battery life and Quick Charge technology. It delivers up to two times battery lifespan using ground-breaking Qnovo Adaptive Charging which maintains battery health while charging.

Xperia XA - Design

 Super mid-range smartphone Xperia XA is as pleasing to the eye as it is on the hand, with its curved glass display that seamlessly meets the rounded frame. As the world’s narrowest 5-inch smartphone3, it features a distinctive and beautifully integrated edge-to-edge display that stretches the full width of the phone to make full use of the 5-inch display.

Xperia XA has high quality camera performance with its 13MP rear camera, hybrid autofocus, and super-fast quick launch. XA’s 8MP front camera enables users to capture clear photos in low-light. Xperia XA is perfect for the Selfie Capital of the World, as it enables Filipinos to take selfies anytime and anywhere.  You can also fit more faces into your groufie frame with an improved wide angle lens.

Xperia XA provides up to two days’ battery power from a single charge, so consumers can do more with their smartphones. Listen to more music, talk for days and stay out longer without worry.


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