Digital Now! PLDT Enterprise Leads 2016 Philippine ICT Leadership Convention


The disruptive nature of the digital-powered economy has flipped the world on a new edge.  With new products and solutions aimed at making businesses operate, communicate, and engage with customers better being introduced every day, established enterprise organizations must now undergo continuous and drastic renewal by utilizing innovative technologies to reshape business models and create new solutions in an instant.

It is with this in mind that PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, together with leading market research, analysis, and advisory firm IDC, recently hosted the Philippine ICT Leadership Convention entitled “Digital Now”, held from June 20-21, 2016 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.  This two-day affair will gather the region’s leading business figures and technology experts who will share valuable insights on leveraging the Third Platform of disruptive technologies collectively called “SMACS” (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, and Security) towards enterprise domination in the digital era.


Invited to the convention are top level executives, business leaders, and decision makers from the country’s leading enterprises across various industries. Presented in association with premier global market intelligence provider IDC, the convention will provide these business leaders with in-depth information on the future of the digital enterprise and the breakthrough technologies that will prominently figure in their business roadmap.

“Today, going digital is no longer just an option for enterprises and organizations. The Philippine ICT Leadership Convention will highlight the strategic challenges and opportunities that digital technologies present to Philippine companies,” said PLDT Chairman and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan.

“As consumers become digitally-connected regardless of demographic, enterprises must also transform themselves by leveraging on new technologies to change the way they operate, and more importantly, to transform the way they engage with their customers and employees. The convention will help enterprises make this shift and usher in a more digitally-empowered Philippines,” he added.

Aside from presentations by industry leaders and technology experts, the 2-day convention will also allow guests to experience various digital technologies within the enterprise environment through workshops, exhibits, and plenary discussions.

“The advent of new digital platforms has introduced disruptive technologies that are changing the way enterprises are interacting with consumers and the digital world. Through the convention, PLDT, along with industry leaders, will provide our insights to serve as a knowledge base for enterprises, enable them to take advantage of these disruptive technologies, and promote growth in their businesses,” said PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT CEO Eric R. Alberto.

Attendees can also participate in breakout workshops focused on specific technology tracks that include Data Center and Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, M2M and Internet of Things, Digital Engagement, Cyber security, and Unified Communications and Collaboration. These topics, designed to provide a holistic approach to the benefits of technology tracks to enterprises, will enable participants to better understand the solutions that are at their disposal, and how these can significantly impact their businesses.



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