Fitness Giant Johnson Health Tech Arrives in the Philippines


Known as the largest fitness manufacturer in Asia and the third-largest manufacturer in the world, Johnson Health Tech (JHT) has a product portfolio covering all fitness channels and markets, including Matrix, Vision and Horizon. Johnson’s global network consists of manufacturing facilities in Shanghai and Taiwan, with Research & Development centers in North America, Shanghai and Taiwan.  We are among the industry’s fastest-growing manufacturers, and with 24 wholly-owned subsidiaries, a service network of 60 countries, and 315 retail stores, allowing us better reach and to efficiently serve the needs of our customers around the globe.


This year, Johnson Health Tech, is proud to announce the establishment of their twenty-third wholly owned subsidiary in the heart of the Makati Business District, the leading financial and central business district of the Philippines.

“Johnson Health Tech is extremely excited to have an established home in one of the most dynamic cities in Southeast Asia. As a direct subsidiary, we can bring a number of significant benefits to our customers across both commercial and home use fitness segments.  With JHT’s industry-leading product portfolio and strength in global R&D and manufacturing, paired with our local team of highly trained professionals, we can provide turn-key solutions for all fitness and wellness related needs.  Here in Manila, we want to be known as JOHNSON HEALTH TECH PHILIPPINES, INC.”, said Mr. Katsuya Ito, the Japanese-Australian nationale spearheading JHT Philippines’ – Team Manila.  Prior to this appointment, President Ito served as a Regional Sales Manager for JHT’s Taiwan corporate headquarters, and head of Overseas Sales Development for Fujiiryoki (Fuji Medical Instruments), a leading Japanese massage chair manufacturer.

The subsidiary will serve both the commercial market, including fitness clubs, condominiums, corporate gyms, colleges, and government projects; as well as the home use market, where the subsidiary’s primary focus will be to aggressively develop a corporate-owned retail store network across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Sled, Run, Krank, Row, Cycle

Aside from the subsidiary, Johnson Health Tech also recently launched 5 fitness machines under its brand Matrix, in a Circuit Pentathlon event held in Fairmont Hotel in Makati City.  These are the T5x Treadmill, Krankcycle, IC7 Bike, S Drive and Rower.

The T5x Treadmill has a LED console display that minimizes the intimidation factor, while providing a full workout selection. It also has an integrated personal fan to keep users cool even during intense workout. The Krakencyle takes cardio upper body, and core exercises to a whole new level. It has independent crank arms for greater variety of movement to keep users engaged. The IC7 Bike is very comfortable like any outdoor bikes and has innovative features to help you reach your optimal performance. The Rower has a smooth, quiet performance because of its sleek yet robust design, easy adjustment and repeatable resistance as well as self-powered console for visible workout data. Finally, the S Drive has a unique design that includes a sturdy, built-in bar for stimulated pushing and pulling, multiple sled brake settings for precise progression programs, a parachute brake, Augmented Agility for forward, lateral and reverse movements and its full-length handrails offer stability.


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