Feliix Opens Flagship shop in Shangri-La, The Fort


“Never fails to impress.”

This is the brand philosophy of Feliix Inc., a haven of state-of-the-art store housing design and quality items, which today inaugurates a truly impressive flagship store located in Shangri-La at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City. This is already the third store of the company, with the first two stores both located in Makati City.

Giving a fresh and impressively new perspective to lighting fixtures and store housing design items, Feliix exclusively distributes in the Philippines QisDesign, Zuny and a host of other brands and product lineups which all similarly embody a beautiful life through uniquely designed, extremely functional products. These products, which combine quality, aesthetics and functionality, have won numerous design awards such as the iF Product Design Award given by the International Forum World Design Guide, the Red Dot Design Award awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Wesfalen in Essen Germany, and the Good Design Award conferred by the Japan Industrial Promotion Organization (JIDPO).

With the residential real estate market in the Philippines posting strong figures, which means more people will outfit their spaces with store housing design and quality items, Feliix is keeping up with the market demand by strengthening its presence in the country through business expansion after the success of its stores in Greenbelt 5 and LRI Design Plaza.

“Residential property development in the country continues to be strong, which means there’s a rising demand for the kinds of products we offer. We have also noticed the evolving taste of the local market, who are now looking for unique and stylish concepts that are designed to have a practical use. With our lineup of items that combine good design and functionality, we believe that expanding our business here in the Philippines is very timely”, said Krisel Sy Cao Yao, Marketing Director of Feliix Inc.

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For the company, a good product exemplifies a sense of beauty, happiness and good vibes, and these are all reflected in the brands it carries. One of the brands Feliix aims to popularize in the country is QisDesign, which promises to light up everyone’s life in the most unconventional way. QisDesign is a manufacturer of LED lights, the future of green lighting products, as LED is one of today’s most energy efficient lighting technologies that consumes up to 80% less electric power than conventional lights. QisDesign creations have won numerous design awards, and it has sales outlets in Europe, USA, Dubai, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The gift shop of the world-renowned museum, Centre Pompidou, has on display QisDesign’s “Coral” LED lamps.


Zuny, on the other hand, is collection of imaginatively designed home accessories which are referred to as “green collar products”. The “Zuny spirit” is inspired by nature, and the products are made of high quality, friendly faux leather based on the principle of animals and environmental care. The super cute bookends, paper weights, key holders, and other items have undergone a pure and humanistic hand-making process instead of being mass-produced. Zuny puts emphasis on the designers’ and tailors’ unique and valuable ideas, allowing each Zuny product to portray its own character and story.

“For us, style should always meet functionality. We make it a point that our products would satisfy the needs of our customers. Through these products, we aim to touch their daily lives by enriching their way of living. To do this, we intend to stimulate the aesthetic imagination of our customers and we anticipate that using our products would give them a positive outlook in life”, said Krisel Sy Cao Yao.

Aside from the unique aesthetics, Feliix ensures the quality of its products. The company conducts a stringent product selection process wherein the officials personally examine and sample each of the products to ensure those would meet the company’s high standards.

Currently, its product lineup includes table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, drop lights, bookends, paper weights, key holders, door stoppers, wall mounted accessories, and the Core Suit brand of sci-fi inspired metallic iPhone casing. All designs are carefully thought of, with each design having its own story to tell.

Aside from Zuny, QisDesign and Coresuit, also included in their 4 major products is their very own customized Marble Tables. Zuny’s paperweights and bookends range from P1,700 up to P3,750. Coresuit cases from P6200 to P14200. QisDesign’s lights price range is from P5,880 up to P99,000. We have set prices of our lights almost 20%-30% lower than European countries. The last one is Marble Table (made of natural stones), which has a price range P79,500 up to P350,000 for the available pieces they have. However, it can be customized so prices might vary.

Get to know more about Feliix here: FELIIX_FAQS. Also, visit Fellix website to find more items and product infos.



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