GoBear Hits Philippine Shores

GoBear Logo (JPEG)

While getting insurance coverage or any type of financial service is an important step towards independence, it is still considered to be a daunting task for many Filipinos. There is a negative misconception that getting financial services entail long processes and unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, the countless products available, different terms, and application requirements usually scream confusion and intimidation, making others forgo the process altogether.


GoBear, Asia’s first and only meta-search engine for insurance and banking services, is here to bridge that gap. With GoBear, Filipinos can now easily compare different financial products including insurance, credit cards, and loans right from their computers or mobile phones. Users do not have to worry about details that might have been overlooked because GoBear takes pride in its unbiased, simple, and transparent way of offering consumers with the best deals. While GoBear is home to a number of financial products locally, the website does not sell nor promote any particular product. GoBear simply compares and aims to give users the power to choose what will best suit their needs.

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“Consumers deserve the freedom to be able to make decisions for themselves, especially when it comes to money matters. What users need is a tool that will help them weigh options in a completely transparent, quick, and understandable way,” says GoBear CEO and Founder Andre Hesselink. “We, at GoBear, hope that the brand can be an enabler towards increased financial literacy and responsibility,” he adds.

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Known as one of today’s top celebrity couples, Drew Arellano and Iya Villania-Arellano were revealed as the celebrity influencers of the brand during its grand launch. For GoBear, the couple is the ideal pair to work with as the company rolls out its initiatives locally.

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“We chose Drew and Iya as GoBear Philippines’ influencers as they embody the simple and fun personality of GoBear. As young professionals and a soon-to-be family of three, both of them can best represent the people that GoBear aims to guide in making smarter financial decisions. We are very happy and proud to have them as part of the family,” says GoBear Philippines Country Director Rommel Torres.

GoBear Philippines currently features travel insurance, credit cards, and personal loans, and will be expanding into the car insurance, car loans, home loans, and health insurance categories.

For more information about GoBear, please visit gobear.com.ph and follow the #GoBearPH journey on the official GoBear Facebook page facebook.com/gobearphilippines.


About GoBear: GoBear is Asia’s first and only metasearch engine in insurance and financial products. It was founded based on the simple premise that a consumer should find freedom and ease in choosing complex financial products like insurance, credit cards, and loans. Headquartered in Singapore since early 2015, GoBear has established presence in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and will continue to expand across Southeast Asia in 2016.

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