Globally Recognized LG OLED TV Now Available in the Philippines

LG Oled TV 4k

LG Electronics, a global tech innovator, has carved a whole new category of television with the OLED TV. Borne of a unique technology inspired by fireflies in a pitch-dark night, OLED—organic light-emitting diode—employs self-lighting pixels that can create perfect blacks, perfect colors, and perfect contrast without the need for bulky backlighting.

LG OLED TV is not a new line of TV—it’s a category all on its own. The unique technology that powers OLED is rendering other TVs as things of the past, thanks to the ultra-vibrant, true-to-life display never before seen on a home entertainment centerpiece.

LG Oled Model 1

Compared to other LED- and LCD-based TV sets in the market, the superior picture quality of the LG OLED easily outshines its competitors—a fact recognized by the tech media and experts in the world’s largest consumer electronics events.

“Having our efforts and products recognized inspire us to continue working on innovations that will challenge and change the world’s tech landscape,” said Tony An, LG Philippines VP for Home Entertainment.

Among the tech events where LG OLED TV won industry awards were the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 and CE Week 2016.

CES is unarguably the world’s largest consumer tech event, and this year’s edition was held in Las Vegas last January 6 to 9. Thousands of exhibitors flocked to the venue from all over the world, all eager to show off their latest product lines. LG led the pack in the TV category with the OLED TV, which won over 15 awards, including the highly coveted Official Best of CES Awards (presented by Engadget) – Best TV Product title for the LG SIGNATURE G6 OLED 4K TV. Tech publications such as WIRED, PC Mag, Ubergizmo,, and HD Guru all named the OLED TV as the best TV of the entire event.

LG Oled Model 2

At the CE Week 2016, a mid-year tech industry gathering held in New York City last June 21 to 23, the LG OLED TV was pitted against other 4K TVs in the market and attendees were asked to pick the one with the best picture quality. OLED was named as the undisputed 2016 King of TV in the 13th Annual Value Electronics TV Shootout, a highly-anticipated CE Week side event. The LG OLED TV also received the Red Dot Design Award 2016 and the iF Design Award 2016.

“OLED is definitely shaping the future of TV technology,” added An. “Its capability to create perfect blacks that reveal the colors of perfect nature is changing how we see the world.”

Five Reasons Why LG OLED TV is the Best TV

  1. Great form for any décor


OLED tech doesn’t need backlighting, allowing LG to design the OLED screen as thin and as light as possible. The result: a blade-slim profile with ultra-thin bezels, which creates the impressive Picture-on-Glass effect and complements any interior décor scheme.

  1. Perfect viewing angle from any direction


With LG OLED TVs innovative design, users can completely immerse themselves in movies and TV shows without thick, jarring bezels framing the screen. This also makes for amazing picture quality from any viewing angle—everybody gets to enjoy perfect blacks, colors, and contrast wherever they are in the room.

  1. Experience over a billion colors


OLED delivers as a full range of the brightest whites, darkest blacks, and a billion hues in between, letting users watch movies and videos the same way the creators shot the material—complete with all the nuances of color and tone.

  1. Future-ready picture technology


The only TV line in the market to support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, LG OLED also delivers full value for users, especially with the HDR (high dynamic range) era conquering the industry in a couple of years. Users can enjoy unlimited, hyper-real entertainment in the formats used by major production companies, including Disney, MGM, and Universal.

  1. Full sound, less clutter


By working with audio industry leader Harman/Kardon, LG developed an innovative Sound Bar Stand for the OLED TV, which delivers a complete, richly textured soundscape that perfectly complements the impressive visuals on screen. This attractively designed sound bar delivers cinema-quality sound without the use of a full wired speaker that adds to clutter.

“LG’s unique OLED innovations are definitely changing the game when it comes to the total entertainment experience,” said Tony An, LG Philippines VP for Home Entertainment. “With the LG OLED TV line, Filipino consumers can enter a whole new world of realistic, vivid, and immersive image and sound, right in their living rooms.”

The 2016 LG OLED TVs are already available in the Philippines, currently retailing for P349,990 (65-inch E6); P299,990 (65-inch C6); P249,990 (65-inch B6) and P149,990 (55-inch B6). Those who purchase any of these stunning variants from July 15 to 31, 2016 will be entitled to a 30% discount (cash and credit card straight charge payment).

For more details, visit, or; like the LG TV Philippines Facebook page or follow @LGPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram. #LGOLEDTV4K


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