Build Your Home Gym on a Budget

The Season for feasting is done. Now that all the indulging is over, it’s time to reverse the effects of all those excess calories. But whether you’ve gained a few inches from the merrymaking or just looking to get in much better shape, the New Year is always the best time to build new habits.

There are many considerations when starting a regular fitness routine. While convenience, interest, and personal fitness level are key, it’s often the price tag that comes with it that limits most people. Gym memberships and access passes to programs in the metro don’t come cheap.

While it can be considered a good investment, you have to be prepared to shell out for the continuing costs. Another option if you’re self-motivated, have some cash, and an extra nook at home: Build your own workout space. To help you start your journey, here’s a list of popular exercise equipment and machines you can find on OLX.

Heavy Bag and Boxing Gloves


If you’re aiming to have super toned arms like Floyd Mayweather Jr., then boxing is definitely for you. Boxing offers a total body workout that burns more than 600 calories per hour. Heavy bag work allows you to throw punch combinations that will help you fight off the fat!

There are classes in premier boxing studios in the city but they can cost anywhere between P350 to P1,000 per session. Imagine how much you’ll spend per month! For half that amount, you can already turn your garage into your own fight gym by purchasing a heavy bag and boxing gloves on OLX.

 Stationary Bikes


Studios offering high intensity spinning classes have popped up all over the metro—proving that indoor cycling was definitely a hit in 2017. The trendy workout has gained popularity as an exciting and effective way to burn calories. A cycling studio’s nightclub vibe coupled with real results have created a cult-like following with people willing to shell out up to more than to Php 60,000 for packages. Mimic the feeling while achieving the same goals by getting yourself a pre-loved stationary bike for as low as Php 5,000 only. Create your own playlist and routine and be your own pacesetter.

Treadmill and Elliptical Trainers

 Nothing gets you in real shape like good old-fashioned cardio. Studies show that the average 150-pound person can burn about 12.2 calories per minute when running a 10-minute mile. A good blitz also leaves you with a runner’s high—a good kind of rush. Investing in an exercise machine allows you to sweat out even on rainy days. A manual treadmill on OLX can go for as low as Php 5,000.00, while a motorized treadmill costs Php 20,000 onwards. If you have knee issues, you can opt for elliptical trainers starting at Php 8,000.

 Free Weights

 While cardio may burn more calories per minute, resistance training through free weights turns your body into a furnace—you’ll continue to torch fat hours after you’re done. A nice gym will give you access to a wide selection of weights and machines—but you won’t use all of them in one session.

Why not buy what you need instead?  Pre-loved and brand new free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells start from Php 1,600 on OLX. If you invest strictly on items that need, you will save up to Php 30,000—roughly what an annual gym membership costs.

 These are just some tools you can find whether pre-owned or brand new on OLX. With thousands of listings for fitness equipment, you can start investing on equipment that will help you stay fit for the long haul.


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